In today’s world of accelerating innovation we are faring well with infrastructure, technology & other parts of the so called industrial development of the world, but the most important factor is each day we are contributing to larger number of chemical waste into our ecosystem.

Unfortunately across the globe people are already facing water crisis, with large part of areas left with no access to drinkable water. Even after getting consistent warnings from various sources to not waste water, still everyday we are getting close to what was one point of time a distant reality that is, running out of our natural resources.

What could be the source of solution to our problems?

What if humidity could serve as a commodity for our current and future water? What if clean water could be created … right out of thick air?

It may sound strange & unacceptable but actually it is possible to generate water from thick air & a very innovative approach has been doing the rounds as, greentecAQUA water from air machines are producing clean & healthy water where and when it is needed most.

The vapor in the air is an inexhaustible source, with fast and immediate recycling. SEAS patented technology system allows to produce 35% more water than any existing air to water system. At 30°C, 70% R.H., 1m³ of air contains 21,9 g of vapor. The innovative procedure also enables to condense more than 60% of the vapor without increasing energy consumption.

In a nutshell, machine that makes water from the air even in dry climates and with the efficiency of previously developed devices hopes to solve the world’s water shortage problem.

Following the important principle that every human being has the unrestricted right to get access to clean drinking water, Air-to-Water systems were developed thus bringing the idea of unlimited water resources in times of dearth to life. Rather than just offering a widespread machine range which is capable of delivering between 250 and 10,000 liters of high-quality water per day, we emphasize developing individual concepts and guarantee our clients the best service possible.

And not just water, greentecAQUA provides even more.

With our innovative machine systems, we produce 4 energy sources at one time and expenditure: Water, primary air, heating, and cooling. Apart from high-quality drinking water for human consumption (specifically mineralized), demineralized water for industrial use and basic water for agricultural and other common applications can be produced with the modular machines. A valuable side product of our system is thermal energy, which can be reused for heating, ventilation and air conditioning at no additional cost. Decreasing our ecological footprint, it plays a determining role that our systems are in perfect and optimized balance between low energy consumption, water for life and environmental friendliness. Therefore, we are proud to offer a green product that contributes to the CO2 reduction whilst enriching the lives of individuals around the globe. The treatment that the accessible amount for water receives will determine whether it is sufficient to satisfy the demands of the community like households, industries, factories, farms, forests or not. And with 85% of the globe living in the driest part of the planet, we have all the reasons to worry about it. One in every three people is affected due to water shortage.  There has been an increase in yearly deaths due to water scarcity and water-related diseases from 6 to 8 million in recent years. As stated by different statistics, 1.2 billion individuals throughout the globe do not have access to fresh drinking water because of deficiency of drinking water or lack of infrastructure to fetch water from rivers and ponds.

greentecAQUA takes care of the environment by using zero-impact systems by not harming our environment and making pure mineralized water for all.

During the water production process, ambient air is filtered and runs through a heat-recovery unit for pre-cooling treatment. The water vapor is condensed in a cooling battery, where external air reaches its dew point. The condensed water is collected in a storage basin and then pumped into an internally integrated water treatment system. Fresh air escapes from the water treatment unit after the vapor extraction and can be used for other production applications. The chiller unit cools the coolant for the water treatment unit (ATU) by heat exchange with the ambient air and then releases hot air. This hot air can be used for other production applications. The generator allows producing water where an external power supply is not permitted. The water treatment system filters sterilize utilizing ultraviolet radiation and finally mineralize the produced water to supply high-quality water.

The technology could be used everywhere, where it is difficult to get other reliable access to drinking water – this includes the world’s arid areas but also those struck by natural disasters.