After a warm response from India during the #77daysofwater that started with IFAT 2019 in Mumbai, now greentecAQUA is all set for its participation in Bengaluru Tech Summit from the 18th to 20th November 2019. Like each year, even this year the Government of Karnataka is back with its flagship 22nd edition of Bengaluru Tech Summit 2019, organised by the Dept. of IT & BT, providing a global stage for innovation & for utilising technology as a tool to give innovators a stage to flourish. greentecAQUA will be showcasing the leading air to water technology along with bottled water for a demonstration of mineralised drinking water during the exhibition and have a live interaction session for the visitors. Starting from exhibitions then schools, hospitals and also a small event for the kids of the future generation our #77daysofwater marks a phenomenal change with the adaptability of the extraction of water from ambient air providing an almost unlimited source of clean drinking water without damaging the local ecosystem. We look forward to welcoming you.